A Journal of sorts....

I often times have a little camera on me wherever I go. That way I'm good to go when I see something amazing...whether is be an impressive vista or the smallest pocket of light illuminating something ordinary but at the same time exquisit.

GrahamE at home

I always have my little Fuji XE3 wt me when I go to visit my uncle Grahame at his home in Sydney's Glebe.

Grahame has lived in this beautiful rambling victorian since the 1970's with his wife, my aunt Jo and their three kids, Gabby (Silver), Martin and Laura.

Our family used to visit often from where we lived in Chatswood and we kids would make up all sorts of spy games sneaking around the big house and ganging up on each other. Our two rival gangs were name the Anti Rudes and the Soldier Polites.

Grahame and Jo have had amazing lives. During the 70's the family lived in remote parts of Papua New Guinea

Grahame worked at Heard Island in the Antarctic from 1954 to 2012, and has published a history of the island’s exploration since its discovery in 1853. His contributions have been recognised by the naming for him of three topographic features on the island – Budd Peak, Budd Pass, and Budd Ridge. As a member of Australian, American, and French Antarctic expeditions Grahame made a ten-week traverse on the Antarctic Plateau in Adelie Land, and numerous journeys at Mawson, Heard Island, and Kerguelen.

Back to 2023.....when I go to visit he treats me to his very fine coffee and always hot crossed buns or fruit cake. A great morning tear tradition in our family.

Nothing has changed in the house since the 70's which is so nice for me as it is exactly as I remember it as a child. He even has his mother's (my Nanny Budd)'s manual coffee grinder which must date back to the 1920's. I am allowed to grind the coffee for our morning cuppa. Very special.

Anyhow, here are some photos of Grahame at home in his lovely warm kitchen. He is making his famous paratha and omelette- a recipe he got from a sherpa in one of his expeditions.

Also pictured here is Silver at the front door.