Our Winter Holiday in New Brighton, NSW

We are so lucky to have lovely generous family living in Murwillumbah NSW share their beautiful beach house with other family members.

My brothers David and Jonny, their families and me had a winter vacation in this lovely house last July.

The weather was gorgeous. Warm in the day and sunny mostly and cold at night when we would light the wood burning stove.

My nephew Ewan reintroduced me to fishing and I discovered I still really loved it. Didn't catch anything much though except small mirror dory. Practice, practice.

I found a brown snake on the beach. I couldn't understand what it was doing at the shore line being tossed around by the breaking waves. Very weird. I stayed the hell away which was the advice of "the snake guy" who was called to come and deal with it.

I really loved doing these landscapes. I'm getting more and more into landscapes and hoping to be able to do something eventually with my collection.

We are planning on doing it over again this July.