Our First Christmas Together in Four Years.

Hey....look at me! I'm blogging!!!! I think a nice way to think about this is to use it as a personal journal. I usually have a camera with me when I do family things so I thought I'd start sharing in this way.

Like many people, I have family overseas and we did not see each other for four years (I've lost count actually) due to that pesky pandemic.

My grand daughter Raffa was two years old when I last saw her in person and now she's five, so being able to get on a plane and be reunited was incredibly special and a dream come true for me.

I lived in LA for ten years or so once. And New York for many years prior to that.

My daughter Roxanne grew up in New York and stayed in the US with hubby Jason while I moved back to Sydney eventually.

It's always very special to go back to where I lived and see old friends and especially the family. Each year that passes Raffa is so changed of course.

As I provide photos and captured memories for many Sydney families it's also so important to do it for myself.