Our yearly family winter holiday in northern NSW, Australia

I don't know if we are just lucky but the weather for the entire time we were there was just text book perfect.

Warm and sunny, cloudless sky and nights chilly but with a wood burning stove to heat the house. I had a unfortunate wood chopping accident....don't ask. If you know me you won't be surprised to hear this!

We stay in a very charming beach house that is owned by one of my aunts and her family. The house is very much unchanged from when I was a kid and full of memorabilia and photos of my grandparents, aunts and uncles fishing.

My family is big into fishing. My grandfathers reels are on display dating back to 1917 -1976.

Every morning I was out for the sunrise with my camera. Every day was different.

Here are some images of the beach, the house, Jonny and Maria, Jude and his mate Judah and the best dog in the world Roxy.