I had the great pleasure of spending some time on a Saturday morning at home with the Rileys.

I have photographed this lovely family before and this time, we decided to do our session in their new home. Also, baby Isabella was a new addition to the family since the last time I saw them.

These are my absolute favourite shoots.

The idea is for me to come over, spend an hour or so hanging out with the family as they go about their Saturday morning...for example.

I love to stir kids up and and am very good at accessing my "inner seven year old boy". Create some space for silly stuff to happen.

Families who have me do their photos this way are not interested in everyone looking at the camera and smiling.

This is all about slice of life- nothing special, no fancy clothes, just the family being themselves at this stage of their life.

I also think it's lovely to show some of the house. I know when I look back on our family photo albums, I love to be reminded of the different places we lived. Our backyard when I was ten. Or our playroom when I was six. Our street, our car, my favourite toy, the clothesline in the backyard.

If you'd love to have photos like this, give me a shout and we can make it happen.